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Friday, May 22, 2009

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE KRIS ALLEN! he is an awesome apple guy because he owned an apple,apakan -.- he's so so so hot! lol. but still stick to wu zun baby ;)

loved❤@7:18 PM

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SHIT OI SHIT! i just watched hana kimi's last episod. and i saw this name ' ella and wu zun forever' then i clicked. guess what? their sweet moment! ada lagi wu zun kiss sama ella tu :( busit :( dont you think wu zun is freakin hot? aiyaa.

hmm im bored. currently webcaming with rappy and muiz. kima durang atu eh. minta taing tu sorang sorang. eh au wa,anu bah. congrates to sir shoueff for having a new born baby girl yesterday. the baby is cute,like her mother. chubby! uhm muiz told me he can drive,a mercedes car. i dont believe. so he bring the lappy out and drove. -.- shit anak atu eh. walaupun kaya wang HAHAHAHA. bah eh out. later. aku sayang orang dibawah! :D

p/s; happy 7th monthsary love ;) - yesterday.


loved❤@2:54 PM

Sunday, May 17, 2009


im totally bored right now,like seriously. nothing to do. homework is done,everything is done. so anyway one week from now is my upcoming birthday. im going to turn 15th this 25th WOHOOO HAHAH. still young :p im gonna celebrate my birthday at grandma's tarus with 'aaliya's. ada bouncer yo. err with friends time cuti saja yeah? :D

and, three more days is our 7th monthsary. long eh? i know ;p haha. eh apakan,boring ku -.- aiy,i currently listening to lie to me song by george nozuka. lawa (y)
Why did you have to hide (to hide)
Loved you for all your lies (your lies)
One thing I know is true
I'll never stop loving you
Loving you
So tell me



loved❤@2:31 PM

Friday, May 15, 2009

OMG! ei's new pictures melts me, you lawa sayang,hmm. i love it when you use bicycle's hat.cute. macam kanak kanak,immature :p lol

so anyway happy 47th birthday to my beloved daddy. i love you ayah! you are the best. you always gave me what i want. i know you love me more than the other HAHAH . cause i'm just the only daughter wa eh :p thanks for everything. i love you,once again.

your daughter.

loved❤@1:56 PM

Thursday, May 14, 2009

EH EH IM IN LOVE! DAMN IT. I LOVE WU ZUN, WU ZUN WU ZUN! IA HOT,HANDSOME LAGI TU. wish he was here HAHAHAH nah. i knew that's not gonna happen, but i wish :/ its fine,ada baby lagi. kan sayang? lol.

eh im so addicted to this song, which is addicted. yes,namanya addicted, eh apakan ==' this song remind me of you, i miss you already. grr roar! aku sayang kau (: aku mikin lampuh! shit. but still sexy,wohoo HAHAHHAHA. okaaaaay


loved❤@4:21 PM

Monday, May 11, 2009

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee TOP! REALLY! HE IS SO FUCKING HOT,BERABIS! *KIAP KIAP. YA ALLAH HAHAHAHAHA. aaaaaaaaaaand baby as well ;)

p/s; i love you (:

loved❤@8:15 PM

Saturday, May 2, 2009

first of all,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ADIBAH EHSANI. i love you! :D sorry no present,hehe. anyway,school was okay. inda belajar,except physic. siuk yo. bergambar lagi,lol.

oh during breaktime i went to sir s to pay for past year maths. sekali sudah masuk,sir rasanoor pointed mizah and me,asking who is more handsome, sir s or this sir chinese look alike. i said both HAHA. eventho inda hot. sir.s coughed and said he's going to give a lot of hw. which means signal lah tu :p then sir.s called me to come to his table,and i paid. 'cikgu kira dulu. eh $6 jua ni' pandai kira atau tidak? ini budak ah,bikin banyak susah HAHAHA. tarang tarang $7 ==' sekali he took out the class list,and asked where's my name,buta eh. i said tu tu,lol. biar ia marah haha. then ia suruh sign,but i dont want. pemajal lagi tu,nurdin. god,finally! when i was about to get out, he sang 'afiqah yang manis' err okay? fyi,he is the most annoying teacher i've ever had.

okay,then pe and guess what? no bio baby! wohoo. no mrs tan. vain lagi d; and now,im on my bed,lying tiredly trying to sleep,but i cant. i miss baby,ish. where are you?

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loved❤@2:31 PM